West Street Vineyard Wedding Photography – Tim & Amanda

Well of course I am going to be nice about this wedding as they are good friends. But seriously, what a wedding! After shooting somewhere in the region of 200 weddings in my life, on 4 continents, it’s hard to come across something that feels different. But Tim and Amanda did a very good job. The vineyard is beautiful, it’s actually just five minutes down the road from my house. Most of the day was spent outside from the ceremony to the sit down meal (having a hot sunny day definitely helped with that!). I know Tim and Amanda were trying to go for a bit of an Italian vibe, and I have to say, I did half feel like I was photographing a wedding abroad.  I have to say a BIG thanks to Will Stedman for this one. He mainly took on the role of primary shooter so I could enjoy myself a bit with my friends. You can check out his work here. Anyway, as usual I will let the photos do the rest of the talking!