Trying my hand at product photography

I watched a video the other day of the difficulties of product photography. All the work that goes into getting details right when your that close up to something. I couldn’t help but give it a go. I took my watch off, got some glass and started snapping. I can now appreciate how much effort goes into a shot like this. A lot of playing with background, lighting and lots of small adjustments to get the positioning right. It also took a LOT of work in photoshop (partly because my watch is old and scratched up so had to clone all of those details out). I am pretty pleased with the result though. I’ve posted a high res version of the photo, its far from perfect, a few more hours in Photoshop would clean it up nicely but I do not have the inclination! What do you think?

Heres another quick shot I took of some aftershave that was lying around.

I’ve also just updated my main site, splitting it into wedding and commercial photography. Take a look here.