HMV Next Big Thing – Earache records

Earache records emailed me and asked me to cover an event they were putting on in Manchester as part of HMV’s Next Big Thing festival. The premise was to general document the day from the bands setting up, back stage and live shots with a few promo shots of each band too. The three bands playing were Evile, Cerebral Bore and Savage Messiah. They were a great bunch and everyone was very accommodating to me constantly sticking my camera in their face! It was good fun to shoot even though it was extremely hectic trying to fit everything in. Below is one of the promo shots for Cerbral Bore, click the jump for a selection of photos from the day.

The cover shot to this post was actually used as the image for Cerebral Bores new single (below)!

Heres a couple more of the promo shots. I had very limited time so unfortunately didnt get a chance to go out and explore. The venue had quite a few good areas for them anyway: