The Morning After – Music Video Shoot

My good friends in The Morning After asked me to come down and take some stills of them shooting a music video for their new song America (check them out here ). With free flowing booze for everyone all night provided by V bar how could I say no? The video was shot in a field with bonfires, fireworks and a wall of guitar cabs as a backdrop. It was an awesome night and turned into a big party by the end. I can still smell the bonfire smoke in my hair 2 days later! Here’s a few shots:

I somehow managed to take over 550 photos in a couple of hours, then I put the camera down and replaced it with a beer… or 5.

I also had good fun doing some promo shots for the guys a couple of weeks ago to be used in some Japanese magazines (they are very popular in Japan), heres a couple of them.