Wedding – Hong Kong Four Seasons – Steph & Nick

I could write an essay about this wedding but I promise I won’t go on too much! I should start by thanking Alex Beckett who I often work with for bringing me along as his second photographer. I know the word ‘epic’ is often overused, and I am guilty of this myself, but I can’t think of any other way to describe the day.

It all started off as it always does when I shoot for Alex with me covering the boys getting ready and Alex with the girls. It kicked off at 6 am! Yes, this first photo was taking at 6am in a restaurant with the boys getting their things together, having some breakfast and generally psyching themselves up.About 7.30am we left the restaurant to head for the brides house as is custom in Chinese Weddings. Below is my ‘Beatles’ style shot that I realised last minute could work well.Nick started off dressed in traditional Chinese clothing for the first of 4 ‘tea ceremonys’ of the day.Chinese tradition dictates that on the morning of the wedding the Groom and Groomsmen must win there way into the Brides house. This is done by the Groomsmen bartering their entrance by offering money and the bridesmaids trying to get the highest price for the brides family. It is all in good taste and spirit and was great fun.
There were then several games being played once inside the house. As they were mainly speaking in Cantonese, I didn’t understand fully, but it ended up with half the Groomsmen being covered in make-up!Time for the reveal! The bride then walks into the room of family and the Groom sees his future wife for the first time in her outfit.The couple then kneel down and pour tea for the brides family. This is repeated later at the Grooms house for his family, and later at the venue for any other close family. Alex getting roped into tying the Grooms fathers bow-tie, no one else knew how to do it!The bride now gets changed into the traditional British style wedding dress ready for the Catholic ceremony.We’ve been up over 7 hours already when the cermony ends. We then moved onto some dim sum lunch in the Hong Kong Jockey Club. After lunch we headed on to the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel for the reception.Steph getting changed back into her Chinese outfit. This was one of NINE dress changes and several dresses throughout the day!Below is the main ballroom where the reception was held. This is just half of it, there were over 400 guests for a 9 course sit down meal.
After the meal, the couple head onto the stage for the cake cutting and speeches.Everything finished around midnight at the venue. By now, Alex and I had been photographing for 18 hours! It was such a fantastic day I was still high on the excitement from it all. We couldn’t say no when they insisted on us going to the after party for some drinks in a nearby bar. Needless to say we were a little tired the next day after arriving back to our hotel at 7 am!

Below are a couple of shots of the Skyline with the Four Seasons taken from across the other side of the bay at Kowloon.