Lake Towerrinning, Perth – A Perfect Night Sky

So after the most incredible wedding in Australia last week, we went on a camping trip to Lake Towerrinning which is a beautiful spot about 3 hours drive south east of Perth. We got to spend the whole weekend enjoying the sun (and a couple of storms) and wake boarding. I have just arrived home in the UK and am still aching. One of the best things was the night sky there. It really is in the middle of nowhere so there was no light pollution. I went for a wander round some of the eerie landscapes by myself after a couple of ciders and managed to terrify myself (theres no shortage of huge spiders and snakes out there in the bush and I was walking through thick grass and trees). I found a lake full of these ghostly looking dead trees. With the stars reflecting in the clear water it looked incredible and I sat there taking photos for quite a while.

This was the main lake and not far from the above one. These shots were taken a matter of minutes apart, amazing the difference in light. I am not sure where the orange glow was coming from.

One from the campfire later in the evening: