The Browning Band – Earache Records

Recently I did a shoot for Earache Records of The Browning, an electronicore band from the US. They were only in the UK for a day as part of their European tour so I only had a couple of hours with them. Earache hired 3 laser machines and a smoke machine and pretty much let me go mad with them! It was a lot trickier than I  initially thought, as although lasers may look very bright when you’re in the dark, getting them to show up in a photo and expose people properly was very difficult. After some trial and error I seemed to get a technique that worked and came up with what I hope are some pretty cool shots:

The Browning electronicore band US The Browning electronicore band US rooftop The above shot was taken up on the roof staircase behind the o2 Academy, Islington. I added a previous cityscape shot I had taken in the background for effect.

Below is a selection of other shots with the lasers. They were all taken seconds apart, showing how different the lasers can look from one moment to the next (we never did quite work out how to control them, so they did their own thing!).Example of adding more lasers