Fashion Photography – some old shots edited

I was digging through some of last year’s photos earlier when I came across these. I had a little play with them to see what I could get out of them. Click  see more below to see the before and afters of each shot: Tilda purple field smalltilda field before & after

The above shot needed some adjustments but after I had brought the exposure up and enhanced the colours a little I decided that I didn’t like the yellow and so played around with the colour of the rape seed. I loved the pinks but it completely washed out Matildas dress so I changed the colour of that too. The final touch was getting rid of the sky line to simplify the image and to draw your eyes towards the model.

The below shot is just basic retouching and colour adjustment. It takes time but it’s not too difficult once you know what you are doing. Makes you realise how celebrities can alway look so perfect.tilda close up beauty shot before & after

I loved the ethereal look of the above photo and kept playing with the image. I wanted something really alien like so distorted Matilda’s face and altered the colours to really give her an other worldly feel.

tilda pixie alien