Wedding: Perth, Australia – Adam & Millie

I can’t say how privileged I felt to have another couple of friends asked me to come and photograph their wedding in Australia this month. It was more of a flying stop this time (if you will excuse the pun) and it was hard to get on the plane back home.

The wedding was held on a farm out in the countryside of Western Australia and it was absolutely stunning. Set around vineyards and in the shade of trees around the sun scorched land, it was a relaxed and fun wedding that perfectly fit Adam and Millie’s personalities. I would like to say a big thank you to my good friend Nick Bardsley for helping out as an assistant photographer on the day, he did a sterling job! I won’t go on anymore, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:


AdamMillie 2

The above shot was the countryside around the wedding location. This was actually taken from the hotel Millie and the bridal party stayed in the night before the wedding. I joined them in the morning to take some shots of them getting ready for the big day.

AdamMillie 3 AdamMillie 4 AdamMillie 5

It was a lively morning, Millie and her sisters all have very bubbly outgoing personalities and it was fun and relaxed.

AdamMillie 6 AdamMillie 7

Adam & Millie dress1 AdamMillie 12 AdamMillie 14 AdamMillie 16 AdamMillie 26 AdamMillie 27 AdamMillie 29 copy AdamMillie 30 AdamMillie 32 AdamMillie 33 copy AdamMillie 341

Meanwhile, Nick was taking shots of the guys getting a wet shave and then prepped for the day:

AdamMillie the boys AdamMillie the boys 2

Because of logistics, I ended up driving Millie and her Dad to the ceremony on the day which was something new for me, another one to add to the resume!

AdamMillie 35 copyAdamMillie 38AdamMillie 39AdamMillie 41 copyAdamMillie 44AdamMillie 45AdamMillie 47AdamMillie 48AdamMillie 49AdamMillie 50AdamMillie 51AdamMillie 53AdamMillie 54AdamMillie 55AdamMillie 56

It was a day full of smiles, I don’t think I took many photos where Adam and Millie didn’t have a huge smile on their faces!

AdamMillie 62AdamMillie 63AdamMillie 64AdamMillie 66AdamMillie 67AdamMillie 69AdamMillie 71AdamMillie 72AdamMillie 75AdamMillie 77AdamMillie 79AdamMillie 82AdamMillie 83AdamMillie 85AdamMillie 86AdamMillie 87AdamMillie 89AdamMillie 91AdamMillie 94AdamMillie 95AdamMillie 97AdamMillie 98AdamMillie 100AdamMillie 101AdamMillie 103AdamMillie 105AdamMillie 106AdamMillie 112

There wasn’t actually a first dance scheduled but I managed to get a few shots of them having a little boogie just after the cake cutting.

AdamMillie 116

Here is a little cameo of yours truly in a group shot. The light was so perfect at this time in the evening, the venue looked magical.

AdamMillie 119AdamMillie 123AdamMillie 120AdamMillie 126 

At 6 pm it was time to get on the coaches to head back to Perth city for the evening reception. I saw the sunset was looking amazing and managed to sneak them off for 5 minutes for a couple of shots in the vineyards, much to the disgust of the coach drivers!

Adam & Millie wedding photo vineyard sunset AdamMillie 135 copy