Stop over in Doha, Qatar

I feel very fortunate to be out in Australia at the moment to photograph a friends wedding. The weather is beautiful and I hear the location is perfect so I am looking forward to the big day this weekend. On the way out I flew with Qatar Airways and decided to stop over for a couple of days to break up the journey and to see somewhere new and a bit different. Here’s a couple of shots from my day and a half there:

The skyline of the city centre of Doha (the capital of Qatar) looked great from the old part of town where I stayed. It is very colourful, ultra modern and made for some good skyline shots.

The below shot was taken on the flight out, just as the sun was setting the sky was painted in some gorgeous pastel colours.

Qatar airways flight over Iraq s

Below is just after sunset, we were flying over Iraq (I believe this town was called Erbil) , I only just caught it. Although the shot isn’t great photographically, I thought it was an interesting photo none the less.

Flight over Iraq Erbil Souq

Above and below are a couple of shots from Souq Waqif which is the main market in Doha. It was dead in the day but got really crowded at night with locals and tourists. It had a great vibe to it, some really nice restaurants and seeing all the locals in their traditional dress made it feel really authentic.

Souq Maqif night market photo Qatar

One last shot from the skyline, I couldn’t resist posting a close up to show off all those colours.

Qatar Doha night city sQatar Doha skyline small

I have already taken some in Perth but I will save them for another post when I am home (along with the wedding of course!).