1950s style Pin-up

I have always wanted to shoot some 1950s style pin up photos but have never got round to it. I had a commercial shoot last week and a friend of mine Lois was the model. After we finished up with the job we decided to have some fun. Lois had brought some dresses along and I brought a few props like some old coke bottles. As you can see I have done a fair bit of editing to give that ‘old fashioned poster’ look and I am really pleased with the results. Lois pin-up3 small 21950s pin up compare coca cola After we finished with the pin up photos I decided I would like to try some more vivid fashion shots. Hair and make up was changed and I made the lighting much more stark:

Lois lollipop 2 small copy

Lois model photos copy

Lois model photos 2

Big thanks to JoLi studios, they are new but I was really impressed, if you need to hire a studio for a shoot in Colchester, look no further! Heres a quick behind the scenes shot from the studio.